The OSRD logo, its variants, and its use

You can download each logo independently by clicking directly on it, or all the logos compressed into a zip file.

It is advisable to carefully choose the logo you want to use, depending on the background on which you want to display it.

Modification, addition or deletion of the shading other than as presented in the logos are not authorised (this applies more generally throughout the design, the choice to use drop shadows is part of the design considerations, it is not a variable element).


Official for dark backgrounds



Favicons, logo without text

🚫 What you can’t do

Too small (< 16px height)


Change the text colour or drop shadow

Changing direction


✅ What you can do

Changing the internal colour for a specific event

Use of logo only (without text)


These colours are those of the logo and should not be confused with those of the overall design of the OSRD interface.

#786ABF #C7B2DE