License and set-up

How to set up your development environment? What does our license involve?

License of code contributions

The source code of OSRD is available under the LGPLv3 license. By contributing to the codebase, you consent to the distribution of your changes under the project’s license.

LGPLv3 forbids modifying source code without sharing the changes under the same license: use other people’s work, and share yours!

This constraint does not propagate through APIs: You can use OSRD as a library, framework or API server to interface with proprietary software. Please suggest changes if you need new interfaces.

Set things up

Get the source code

  • Install git.1
  • Open a terminal2 in the folder where the source code of OSRD will be located
  • Run git clone

Launch the application

Docker is a tool which greatly reduces the amount of setup required to work on OSRD:

  • download the latest development build: docker compose pull
  • start OSRD: docker compose up
  • build and start OSRD: docker compose up --build
  • review a PR using CI built images: TAG=pr-XXXXX docker compose up --no-build --pull always

To get started:

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  1. Under Linux, use the package manager (such as apt↩︎

  2. Under Windows, open Git Bash ↩︎