General principles

Please read this first!
  • Explain what you’re doing and why.
  • Document new code with doc comments.
  • Include clear, simple tests.
  • Break work into digestible chunks.
  • Take the time to pick good names.
  • Avoid non well-known abbreviations.
  • Control and consistency over 3rd party code reuse: Only add a dependency if it is absolutely necessary.
  • Every dependency we add decreases our autonomy and consistency.
  • We try to keep PRs bumping dependencies to a low number each week in each component, so grouping dependency bumps in a batch PR is a valid option (see component’s
  • Don’t reinvent every wheel: as a counter to the previous point, don’t reinvent everything at all costs.
  • If there is a dependency in the ecosystem that is the “de facto” standard, we should heavily consider using it.
  • More code general recommendations in main repository
  • Ask for any help that you need!

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