Commit style

A few advises and rules about commit messages

The overall format for git commits is as follows:

component1, component2: imperative description of the change

Detailed or technical description of the change and what motivates it,
if it is not entirely obvious from the title.
  • the commit message, just like the code, must be in english (only ASCII characters for the title)
  • there can be multiple components separated by : in case of hierarchical relationships, with , otherwise
  • components are lower-case, using -, _ or . if necessary
  • the imperative description of the change begins with a lower-case verb
  • the title must not contain any link (# is forbidden)


  • the title should be self-explanatory: no need to read anything else to understand it
  • the commit title is all lower-case
  • the title is clear to a reader not familiar with the code
  • the body of the commit contains a detailled description of the change

Counter-examples of commit titles

To be avoided entirely:

  • component: update ./some/file.ext: specify the update itself rather than the file, the files are technical elements welcome in the body of the commit
  • component: fix #42: specify the problem fixed in the title, links (to issue, etc.) are very welcome in commit’s body
  • wip: describe the work (and finish it)

Welcome to ease review, but do not merge:

  • fixup! previous commit: an autosquash must be run before the merge
  • Revert "previous commit of the same PR": both commits must be dropped before merging

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