Contribute to OSRD

Learn about the how we work, and how you can work with us

First off, thanks for taking the time to contribute!

The following chapters are a set of guidelines for contributing to OSRD1. If you have already contributed to open source projects before, you probably won’t be surprised. If you have not, it will probably help a lot!


Chatting with other contributors is a great way to speed things up:


Just like with any project, changes rely on past work. Before making changes, it is best to learn about what’s already there:

  • read technical documentation
  • read the existing source code related to your project
  • chat with developers who last worked on areas you are interested in

  1. These guidelines are mostly not strict rules, it’s probably fine to do things slightly differently. ↩︎

Report issues

Report a bug or suggest an enhancement

Contribute code

Integrate changes into OSRD

Style guide

Coding style guide and best practices

Review code

How to give useful feedback