DGEX Solutions Forum

DGEX Solutions Forum

Here’s an extract from Loïc Hamelin’s talk at the DGEX Solutions forum, on the subject of search for last-minute train slots (STDCM).

First of all, what is a train path?

It’s the reservation of space/time on the network, by railway undertakings (RU) such as SNCF Voyageurs. These reservations are generally made years in advance (A-3). RUs can also make emergency requests for train paths (called last-minute paths), from A-1 to D-day. These requests are currently managed by ticket offices, and the paths are traced by hand. There is therefore a risk of human error, and requests are sometimes processed over several days.

What do we offer?

The OSRD software, in addition to featuring a rail simulator for timetable planning, will also enable last-minute path requests to be processed automatically! With just a few clicks, you’ll be able to submit a last-minute path request and get a response in a matter of seconds (3 minutes at most)!

If you’re interested in the #osrd project, please visit the osrd website and the GitHub repo, and the project is #opensource.

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