Governance and organisation of OSRD

One of the ambitions of OSRD is to help with timetabling on a European scale.

To reach this goal, OSRD has to take local features into account by consulting and collaborating with railway companies and infrastructure operators.

And by contributing to OSRD, these companies:

  • Profit from all the common development efforts
  • Can freely build on the common effort to achieve their own goals1
  • Participate in the roadmap and technical direction of the project to the extent of their contribution

OSRD is currently developped by:

  • A team of full-time developpers at SNCF Réseau, financed by SNCF Réseau, the French state and the European Union
  • Individual contributors

The OpenRail association

The OpenRail association is an upcoming non-profit commited to organizing cooperative work around railway software tools.

OpenRail association

  1. As long as they don’t modify the common tools without sharing their improvements. See the details of the LGPLv3 license. ↩︎